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  • Mood: Lonely
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So, I've been feeling a bit alone/lonely these days. I have almost nobody to talk to when I'm not working or sleeping. I often feel like I have hardly any or friends or don't have "enough". Any friends that I do have are often "busy". Often, when I go on facebook and start a convo, I often feel paranoid like I am bothering them - as though they are reluctant to speak to me. at other times they do not reply at all.. Is it really too much to ask for a bit of friendship and company? :(

All this loneliness is driving me mad, I swear. I want and Need to meet new people.

I suppose this is the part where I need to tell you readers a bit more about myself (I haven't really done that yet, I think). So, here goes:

My Name is Akhtaab (most people call me Akh), I was born in England but I am of Indian Descent. I am also muslim (but not a fully practising one) - I feel like my ethnicity, my upbringing and my religion have held me back a little in life. I have been victim of  overt  and covert racism in the past, and I suppose that has led me to be overcautious about other people, it made me develop a "me against them" mindset. I know not everyone in the world is a racist but I wish I was just given a fair chance with people. It would help that I socialized more in general, but I feel like I dont have the time :\

i am aged 22, University graduate (degree in Maths and Computer science) and as of writing this, I never had a girlfriend. I have a job as a software/web developer.

I don't have a huge amount of interests. I don;t play sport and I'm not that good at art. Actually, i'm not quite sure there's anything that I'm really good at :\
I spend a lot of my free time playing Yugioh Online (using YGOPro software).

I suppose I do enjoy laughing and trying to make other people laugh (sometimes it doesn't work >_<). I like various types of comedy. I also like attempting accents and impressions and find myself watching a lot of youtube videos of people doing such stuff :D

If you are interested in conversing with me some more, feel free to add me on fb, or drop a message/note here and I'd be happy to talk.

thanks for reading :)
I like the colour of Fire and Blood, makes me feel warm when winter is coming. When I go outside, I want everyone to hear me roar. I want them to hear it from the towers that are unbowed, unbent and unbroken. I want them to hear it from the mountains that are as high as honour itself! I want them to see that I am a man who puts Family, Duty and Honour above all else. We do not sow during these perilous times, we are always growing strong and when we finally join forces we can proudly say that Ours is the Fury!


United Kingdom

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