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Katanos gazed at the two swords that he held in his hand, Kyreah and Daneah, contemplating his place in the world. Following his epiphany, He was now clothed without the cloak of Plae’idis, instead donning on a white cloak with light white armour and red accents. The skilled swordsman was stood on a balcony in a beautiful villa in the southern region overlooking the lush view of forest that seemed to go on forever. The fraternal twin swords that he forged and wielded had shined brighter than ever against a sandy sunset.

“My Dear Sisters, I have misused you all this time and have shed too much innocent blood. Though, you two are now more beautiful than ever. I vow to wield you for the right reasons”, Katanos thought to himself. He then proceeded to kiss both swords lightly before placing them back into their scabbards.

Mere moments after making that promise, a large bird flew from out of the sunset towards his direction. Had it not been for its bright cerulean eyes, Katanos probably wouldn’t have noticed it from afar as its body was almost the same sandy shade as the sunset. The bird was a somewhat curious species originating from a region several miles south east of where he was now. Katanos took note of the falcon-like body that it had, only it had a large stomach and sharper, more menacing black talons. His first instinct was to draw one of his other swords and give the bird a swift death as it was flying towards him with such ferocity. But the bird had decelerated and Katanos found it perching gently on his armoured shoulder. He had then heard a familiar voice, as though touching the bird was a medium for contact. His heart beat a little faster upon experiencing this sensation, and the butterflies in his stomach had flown gently. The swordsman closed his eyes, forgot the world around him and smiled. The familiar voice spoke with a tone of happiness.

“My dearest Katanos,
Please do not be alarmed as it is me, Thanata the Harvester or at least she was formerly known. I have been wanting to contact you for some time. I understand that it must have been quite a while since we last talked and I am sorry that I could not contact you sooner. But you were right. We were fighting for the wrong cause and I now understand that Mustaphir is not the person we thought he was.

I once believed in his concept of “Justice”, but his obsession to acquire the Shards of Arkanayos to deliver such Justice have driven him to evil, but even before that, his actions were somewhat questionable. After witnessing what he did before we departed for our mission, I knew I couldn’t follow him anymore.

When we went our separate ways to attempt to find the southern shard, I thought long and hard about my life and all I had achieved. I felt incomplete. I felt lonely. At first I killed for revenge, then I killed for the joy of it. Afterwards the only thing that brought me joy was your presence. Ironic, isn’t it? Our first encounter was in battle and I could have given you the swift death that you had wished for had it not been for Mustaphir’s merciful intervention.

However, I am now fine and safe. I even found the Southern Shard of Akanayos and destroyed it with my scythe. Miraculously, the impact of the blow also damaged my scythe and over time I had lost my malicious powers and intent. With a new found purity, I reverted to the name that I was born with, “Thalia”. Thanata was gone. I even burned the Plae’idis cloak that Thanata wore. Since then I have been taken in by the residents of a small village not too dissimilar to the one that I grew up in. I repaid their generosity however I could as I was quite keen to reinvent myself. I enjoyed looking after the orphaned children as well helping bring new life into the world. It is such a great contrast from taking life. All I harvest now are crops, as my ancestors have done before me.
It would bring much pleasure to my heart if we could meet again. We have so much to discuss. I wish to feel your warm embrace just one last time.

You already know where I am…

Warmest regards,

Thalia, the reformed Harvester”

Relieved to hear his friend’s voice once again, he set out to find her. The bird that was perched on his shoulder had already flown away in a south easterly direction, confirming the route that he should take.

“This must be what happiness feels like. Thank goodness you’re alright. Indeed, our reunion will be a sweet one… Thalia”, Katanos remarked.
Death by the Chosen Sword Part 1
A/N: Hey guys, Menos here with an original story! Following my drawing of "Thanata the Harvester", I decided to give her a story and well... one thing led to another and now we have one. Granted, this story starts off slow, but will hopefully pick up pace as I plan to add more characters and more action. I hope you enjoy reading this!
Dragon Head by menosgranderasengan
Dragon Head
first time in ages drawing something. followed a youtube tutorial. hope to do more drawing. might release a "digital" version of this


United Kingdom

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